Corpus. Art in Action

Madre Museum, Naples, Italy


Corpus. Art in Action actualised into a festival of performance over four years, investigating some artistic experiences that view the "corpus" (Latin for the body), the Husserlian “Lieb”, in the dual role of leading player and supporting actor, subject and object, actor and work of art. This characteristic, since the avantgardes through to today, have created a strong bond (albeit underground and little known) between a specific notion of artistic praxis and some of the most radical theatrical practices. 

Within the varied panorama of the artists dealing with performance, every year the focus was put on a specific curatorial subject: the first edition, on the extreme and the "electric" body, the second on the women artists from Latin America, the last one on the Italian scene.


Corpus #1: the extreme and electric body

Site-specific performances by: Ron Athey, Angela Barretta, Tobias Bernstrup, Andrea Cusumano, Kira O’Reilly, Gabrijel Savic Ra, Jamie Shovlin and Lustfaust, Milica Tomic


Corpus #2: Women Artists from Latin America

Site specific performances by: Maria José Arjona, Tania Bruguera, Regina José Galindo, Teresa Margolles


Corpus #3: The Italian Scene

Site specific performances by: Davide Balliano, Filippo Berta, Cristian Chironi, Francesca Grilli, Jacopo Miliani, Luigi Presicce, Rosy Rox